Watch Refinishing

Clock master provides a variety of watch refinishing services such as:

Watch case refinishing
Watch dial and handle refinishing
Watch crystal replacement and refinishing
Watch crown refinishing

No matter what service your watch needs our refinishing services will get your wristwatch or pocket watch looking like new.

Watch case refinishing

Clock master can completely restore most watch cases with the following services:

Dent removal
Scratch removal
Repairing bent case parts
Replacing broken, worn, or missing parts
Cases resealed and pressure tested
Thousands of gaskets and seals in stock
Cases and case parts manufactured

Watch dial and handle refinishing

The watch dial is the part of the watch where the time is displayed. It is sometimes referred to as the face of the watch. Clock master can provide complete watch dial refinishing and restoration for almost any wristwatch or pocket watch.

If needed, we can create a replacement dial or hands for your watch.

Watch crystal replacement and refinishing

The watch crystal is the clear glass or plastic that covers and protects the dial of the watch. We offer a variety of refinishing and replacement services for both mineral glass and optical plastic crystals and will get your watch looking like new.

Polishing for plastic crystals

Replacement crystals are professionally cut, polished and fitted
rolex watch repair

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