Pocket Watch Repairs

Clock master provides a variety of services for vintage and antique pocket watches. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality repair and restoration services possible and will get your pocket watch running like new.

Pockets watches have always been treasured by their owners.  Whether it’s a family heirloom such as a Ball railroad watch or a watch you might have found at an antique store or estate sale.  No matter what the history is and what condition the pocket watch is in, we have the parts, equipment and experience and to bring your pocket watch to its best condition possible.

We will provide the highest quality repairs for your pocket watch.  Each watch is taken completely apart and all its parts are inspected and examined for any defects.  The parts are then cleaned thoroughly, put back together, and properly oiled and lubricated.

We will then time and calibrate your pocket watch to ensure that it will keep time like it was meant to.

Every aspect of your pocket watch – from the movement to the polish – is restored to its best possible condition and will look and work like new.

The Clock Master is an independent watch repair company and is not affiliated with Rolex or any other watch brands. Any use of names or images on this site
is solely intended for identification purposes