Grandfather Clock Repair

Grandfather clocks require occasional maintenance in order to remain in good shape. You will need to grease and oil the clock movements every so often to avoid friction. Clock master offers free in-home clock servicing on all grandfather, wall, and mantle clocks. Call us (714) 997-4029.

Sometimes a grandfather clock will no longer work properly and requires some repairs or even a complete restoration.

Clock master provides before repair and restoration services for all grandfather clocks and other large clocks.

We meticulously take your grandfather clock apart and examine each individual piece. We then ultrasonically clean and repair any piece that needs repair. In the event that a piece of your clock is simply beyond repair, we can manufacture new parts in our workshop.

An example of the work we offer for grandfather clock repairs and restorations:

Movement repair and restoration
Ultrasonic cleaning of all parts
Pendulum repair and restoration
Weight repair or restoration
Hand and Face repair or restoration
Pivot Restoration
Bearing and Bushing restoration and repair
Lantern Pinion repair and restoration
Clock Lever Restoration
Mainwheel Restoraton
Mainsprings Restoration
Electronic Timing